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by Kai Faydale


I really wish I had a partner I could work with on comics. One because I am really slow at drawing and having another artist would let me start more comics, and two because I am a big picture person (with learning disabilities) so having someone who could edit what I type would help tremendously. Still since I would eventually like to take this professional (a few years from now) I will have to be a bit picky in a partner.


by Kai Faydale

Shirts on sale now

For those of you who haven't noticed yet I started a new kickstarter campaign to sell shirts. There are currently three options you can get: words, something different, and sweet & innocent. You can have a shirt for as little as $20 shipping included to the US. I can ship outside but it will be a bit more sadly. It won't let me have a pretty link in a blog but here is a link to a page that has the video as well as a nice link to the kickstarter page for each shirt.