by Kai Faydale


Sorry I'm updating so late again. I swear it was because the comic took a really long time to make and not because a new patch came out for world of warcraft. Really I haven’t even had the time to update my damage meter yet, and really whats the point of playing if you cant compare e-peens. OK so maybe I did go to one raid but my holy pally ran out of new gear to get a while ago and needed something shiny.

by Kai Faydale

The theory

Hello this is the author speaking. I would like to start off by letting you know what I hope to do with this comic, and that is make money. Ok in all seriousness I know that webcomics are not a get rich quick scheme, but I would love to do something for a living that puts my English degree to work. This comic and the others I am working on (and hope to be posting soon) is an experiment to see if its feasible to quit my day job and eek by on my writing. I cashed in a few favors, took care of dieing grandparents, and am currently holed up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere focusing on my writing and nothing else. I have to summer to see if I can make this work or if I have to give it up (or at least cut back a lot) and get a full time job again. My goal right now is to make a name for myself and get some readers. Once I have fans I will expand, find maybe find an artist who can draw better and faster then me and post more comics. Oh ya and I will offer ways for the fans to give me money or buy things. All I really want is enough money for internet, food, rent, car, and maybe a book or two. I spent 6 months getting by on 700 a month and am fine with doing so again. The goal is to be a starving artist not a starved one. To that end I will post comics as quick as I can pump them out. While that might not be fast right now after a bit of practice drawing and working the kings out of the process I should be able to post a lot since that’s all I’m gonna be doing here in the middle of no where. Well that and reading other people's comics.