by Kai Faydale


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Do you want to have an avatar in the comic?  Would you like to see what this Kai Faydale guy looks like?  Have you ever wondered what the comic would look like with an actual budget?  if you answered yes to any of those questions click on the link above and see what the characters will all be talking about this week.  

and if clicking on the link above is asking too much here is the video right here.


by Kai Faydale

Now on Twitter

I still need to work out a few kinks in the dialogue for the next page so i thought i would update the blog while i mulled it over.  I've been  busy getting ready this week.  I still have a fair amount of packing to do, but i might have found a car for really cheap.  I do still need guest art for next week though.  I got two pages already but I would really like to be able to post more.  while i should be able to check in on the comic at least once a day I will be busy moving, unpacking, and training for my new job.  I just set up a twitter account though so i can keep you all posted a lot easier on what's happening with the comic.  the user name (or whatever you call it) is KaiFaydale.  While I would still like everyone to favorite me on to help my ranking there i will also be tweeting whenever i update the comic.  I am also setting up a Facebook page for the comic.  I have never been that big on social networking so it will take me a bit to figure it all out but I have a page up for Books Don't Work Here under my profile as Kai Faydale.  I won't turn down any friend requests but I should have the page looking snazzier a bit later on.