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shirts on sale soon

31st Oct 2011, 2:53 PM | Kai Faydale

when you are reading the comic have you ever thought “Gee my shirt is so boring I wish I had one with words on it.”? Well very soon that will be remedied. I will be starting another kickstarter campaign soon selling t-shirts. I am still running through some of the numbers trying to find the best deal for you all but I hope to launch it before I fly out for my friends wedding next week. I will make sure that the whole thing will be wrapped up in time for the shirts to arrive by Christmas. So if you have an opinion that must be voiced (or just feel like chiming in) now is the time. Do you want your shirt signed, want another chance to get an avatar in the comic, or really want the chaotic evil shirt sparky was sporting?

What's happening to the art?

26th Sep 2011, 1:31 AM | Kai Faydale

Thank you everyone who donated. We're fully funded and I picked up a Intuos4 small. We raised $137 total. If you couldn’t afford to donate or were just waiting till you decided what your avatar should look like don't worry. I will host another kickstarter campaign in time to ship for Christmas, to see how many T-shirts to print up.

As awesome as it is it will take a bit of time for me to get use to it. For those of you who don't have one or ogle technology you aren’t planing on buying the tablet has no screen on it, I connect it to my computer and use it's screen. That means though that there is a disconnect between the pen and where the ink shows up. It's not quite like drawing blindfolded, more like looking in a mirror at what you're hand's are drawing. The point is that it takes some getting use to. I have not gotten a reliable estimate form an expert on just how long that is but I plan to be practicing like mad, and until that works I will cheat.