Comic 112 - 92 make your self at home

Mon, 12th Dec 8:48 AM, 2011 in Damsel and Distress
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92 make your self at home
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Kai Faydale Mon, 12th Dec 8:48 AM, 2011 edit delete
Kai Faydale
I had to scrap my original sketch for panel 3 & 4 5 hours in. I'm getting a bit tired now and don't want to risk the quality risking any more sleep deprivation. I will see if I can get a better angle on the new character since it is an avatar and will be showing up for the next few pages. Once I do I might come back to this page and tweak it a bit.


Twitchy Fan Mon, 12th Dec 6:31 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
Twitchy Fan
Robin looks so contented. Is it because shes making everyone so uncomfortable?
Trasee Darkwatch Tue, 13th Dec 8:11 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Trasee Darkwatch
Another "In Plain Sight" joke. You're really enjoying that, aren't you? ;)
Kai Faydale Tue, 13th Dec 8:44 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
Kai Faydale
You know there could just be very little cover in the bar...
Not buying it?
Well at least i tried.