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114  paper thin
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27th Aug 2017, 1:34 AM
I was thinking of making some paper thin excuse for why the girls had to go about things in such a convoluted manner like you see so many times on TV but they I said to my self “I'm writing a really meta comic. I don't need a situation to manipulate the characters I can do it myself.” so I did.


In the first pannel it should be 'why'd' but other than that I like it! Why am I sneaking away? Or... can you not tell me? Sneak sneak sneak.....

6th Feb 2012, 5:23 PM edit delete reply

I like to think that I give people the benefit of the doubt. So I thought your avatar would be find with helping some crazy famous person steal some police records. I confess though my faith in humanity only goes so far and I did not think you would want to get busted for stealing from the police. As usual though the last panel cliff hanger will be addressed again next page ;)

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BWAHAHAHAHA! The title really tops it all off. Especially since I first noticed it in the newspost. Excellent pun, Kai.

Also Robin's pose in the first panel. Very nice. Just overall, the art there is great. Especially the hand we can see.
Though it doesn't work quite so well in the last panel... She seems too slanted, it looks to me like only her shoulders and head are against the door. Which I guess it could be, but it just seems too uncomfortable (and inefficient for keeping the door shut).

Also, on more art-stuff, the narrator's speech bubbles. I'm lovin' 'em.

6th Feb 2012, 5:54 PM edit delete reply

I Had originally planed on having her shoulders against the door and legs braced against the floor at an angle but I agree i did not quite pull it off. While it is nice to know that the art is getting better i am still very much limited by my lack of training there.
On a more positive note what do you like about the narrator's bubbles? I've been playing around with two different styles one more diffused and fizzy (like panel 4) and another sharper ( like the first three panels) overall though I think the border-less style does a good job of depicting the disembodied voice of the narrator. While it doesn't happen often the other character color bubbles make problems every once and a while when i run out of goon options. even if i switch to a more traditional style for everyone else i will still keep the narrator's as is.

PS I know a few people pay attention to my rambling on facebook but I'm really not sure if anyone cares about the tweets. so, i was wondering which news post you caught. I am more then happy to but in the effort but if no one is paying attention i should probably spend my time on something that the numbers say is productive.

6th Feb 2012, 11:21 PM edit delete reply

I meant the newspost right here on the site.
I don't have a Twitter account, nor watch any Twitter feeds that aren't embedded in another site I visit.
As for Facebook, well, you've probably noticed me already. (I'm Curtis, if I didn't mention the connection elsewhere.)

I didn't even notice that the bubbles in panel 4 were different... I was looking at the first panel, mainly. Just something cool about it. I think it's as you said, it's because it fits a disembodied voice so perfectly.
Though now that it's been pointed out, I prefer the softer edge of the director's fourth panel speech, but... It feels out-of-place. With the art how it currently is, the sharper bubble fits in better, in my opinion.
At any rate, if you want proper artistic criticism, befriend an author or other art-trained person. I'm just a random lurker with too much spare time. >_>

Also... No preview button. :S
Heck, if you have the access, a complete overhaul of the comments would be good.
In particular, I haven't worked out how to see comment titles once they're posted...

7th Feb 2012, 5:15 AM edit delete reply

Sadly I have yet to have time to teach myself enough coding to do what i want for the site. Right now the comments are part of the comicfury hosting, and while i will ask them if they can add a preview button, since you can edit your posts I don't think it's worth paying someone to rewrite it until/ when I move to my own url.

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