Comic 141 - Charity fan service

Fri, 17th Feb 10:38 AM, 2012 in Filler
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Charity fan service
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Kai Faydale Fri, 17th Feb 10:38 AM, 2012 edit delete
Kai Faydale
I had a not so restful night at work (the nighttime care giving gig) and decided to sleep till I didn't wake up tired, and now I feel bad. Half because it means I won't be able to post Friday’s comic for you all till later today, and part because I work up from a disturbing dream. I had a horse take a strange disliking to me which prevented me from joining my friends on a 2 hour trail ride. Which is odd because I'm a rather skilled horsemen. I've ridden since I was little (although never owned a horse), and even worked at a horse ranch as a guide my self. So not only was it unnerving to know I did nothing wrong and still have to horse coming after me, but even though I never got out of the gate they wouldn't give me a refund. I then spent a solid half hour arguing with the manager to no avail. Which is not normal for me and unsatisfying since I woke up before she gave in.

Since it will take me a little while to get out of this funk and be able to do quality creative work, and I'm already later then I like to post, I'm posting this filler until I can finish today's page. It is from the first kickstarter campaign, but since donaters only got one of the three wallpapers I thought even they would like to see what the others looked like. To make sure I don't ruffle their feathers I removed the text, and it's not in full wallpaper proportions. It's still fan service though :P


Twitchy Fan Sun, 19th Feb 9:28 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
Twitchy Fan
punishing pun ^^