Comic 143 - 120 no dilly dallying

Mon, 20th Feb 11:12 AM, 2012 in Damsel and Distress
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120 no  dilly dallying
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Kai Faydale Mon, 20th Feb 11:12 AM, 2012 edit delete
Kai Faydale
I can hardly believe that we finally reached the end to chapter 3. Don't worry though the next chapter will start right away. I mean sure there might be a little dilly dallying, but that is only to be expected. It will be grand though. There will be fight scenes and at long last the return of sparky.
Also a friend of mine from college is working on a new table top RPG. If like me you're into that sort of stuff you should check it out on kickstarter .


Twitchy Fan Mon, 20th Feb 1:07 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Twitchy Fan
Methinks some of the dilly and the dallying is in the works.
Wisknort Mon, 20th Feb 10:16 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Those sparkling eyes... And the cat smile. Charity's in for a world of trouble now.

Also this RPG very much intrigues me. I think now would be the time to give you money, for showing it to me. (I won't promise it immediately. Give me a day or two.)
Kai Faydale Tue, 21st Feb 2:31 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Kai Faydale
First Thank you very much. Second I'm very patient, and still have half of a cosco pack of top Ramon, so i can survive for a day or two ;)