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Page 131 Red shirts up to bat

131 Red shirts up to bat
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27th Aug 2017, 1:34 AM
With the page finally done I'm going to get a little R&R before I start on Mondays page tomorrow. By Tomorrow I of course mean latter toady (but after some sleep). Hopefully I will be able to recharge enough to attack the comic with gusto and get back on schedule. Since my extra work this week is during my WOW raids, fencing, and sleep time it shouldn't impact the comic much, but who knows. I might go crazy if I don't get a chance to solo heal a boss this week.

Oh and here's the links to TvTropes if you have never heard of the two I mention above.
Never bring a knife to a fist fight
Inverse law of utility and lethality


...that your tvtropes links have a little extra "http://" at the END of the url. And therefore don't work properly.

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...and it seems this reply form thing doesn't really display comment titles. Or, I botched it. Or, I'm not allowed to read them. (Title was "I think you'd like to know...", which makes the comment make sense.

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It lets me see the title but no one else not sure why. I fixed the links though.

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Read over the tropes, but how do they apply to a bat? They don't really draw blood, and don't have an initial use for pain. Would a physics book be a better weapon then?

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This will almost certainly come off as rude...

You've missed the point of a trope; I won't try to define what they are here, since I can't really put it into words. But examples may help you.
Hmm... Cliches are a bit like tropes. Whereas a cliche is something that's been done to death (damsel in distress), a trope doesn't have to be overused. It just has to be used. So, Damsel in Distress is an example of a trope. It defines a completely (and irrationally) useless character who always ends up in really dangerous situations and needs someone to save them.
Uncommon as it is, the Damsel in Distress can be a guy. They can also be completely proficient in other areas (such as intelligence - they may just freeze up at the sight/smell/sound/touch/etc. of something). It defines one aspect of the character, and more importantly, the story.

Ok, I won't write anymore just yet. ComicFury and long posts don't really work well together.

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the tropes apply to a bat because while a bat is not exaactly the same as a knife bringing one to a fist fight is plain overpowered. it gives you an extra couple of feet reach (meaning you can hit them when they can not hit you) as well as letting you do a lot more damage then you can with a bare fist. ya a wimpy knife slash could cut you where as a wimpy hit with a bat might just leave you black and blue , Robin though is no wimp and could probably crack skulls with ease. I guess you will just have to take my word that a bat can cause some rather major damage if used right (I mean i guess you could go test it but that would probably get someone maybe even you hurt)

Given that a bat is over powered the problem then is that, in a story at least, for a fight to be interesting it can not be one sided. If Robin can use the bat to cave in the redshirt head's before they can get close enough to land a punch then the bat must be taken out of the picture for it to be a fair fight. Since Robin knows she is in a story it's her own fault for bringing a weapon she should have know she wouldn't be allowed to use.

ps and ya a physics book would be a better weapon since it is a improvised weapon. those require some creative thinking (always interesting) and don't bring down the level of tension as much as anything explicitly made for harming people. It is a lot easier to be the underdog with a paper weight then with a medieval mace.

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To me, especially in panel 2, the bat doesn't look that big or scary, and up against at least one mook who can casually snap a bat in half, she presumably will have some less gross advantage.

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