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Page 142 Whipped and chains

142 Whipped and chains
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27th Aug 2017, 1:34 AM
Other then panel 3 I really like how this page turned out, all the little things added up really nicely. Now I just have to figure out if Charity's fingers should be straight or bent when she steeples them while staring dramatically down at Sparky in the next page.
Here is a cheat sheet to the word bubbles. Let me know if something like this helps the colorblind or if I should not bother taking up the space on the site.
Sparky: I knew I should have got them engraved, But I didn't know what to say, and the clerk thought it might be a bit forward. Which is odd since people usually tell me I'm doing something backwards.
Charity: Engraved like jewelry?
Sparky: Why is jewelry not a first date thing?
Charity: No jewelry is fine anytime.
Sparky: Anytime as in any date or are both date and none date time's included?
Oh and by fine do you mean acceptable or is it one of those “could be better but I’ll let it slide this time” fine's?
Charity: Are you asking me if you need to buy me jewelry daily?

Sparky: It was a stupid question wasn't it?
(Charity is tuning out Sparky saying ) I knew I should have read the second chapter of dating for dummies. It's just that there were so many words. And no pictures. When did they stop making books with pictures?


Transcript! I love it! Of course, there may be a time when it's important to omit something from the transcript - then reveal it when the readers figure it out and post it.

Also, Sparky, they stopped making books with pictures when they realised that books don't work here... (Where would he get such a book with words in it anyway? From an alternate universe I bet.)

Oh, and Charity is having too much fun with this, that's clear in the last panel. So when you mentioned her steepling her hands next page, I wasn't too surprised.

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