Comic 169 - 143 How the world works

Fri, 27th Apr 4:24 PM, 2012 in Date the Cheerleader Take the World
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143 How the world works
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Kai Faydale Fri, 27th Apr 4:24 PM, 2012 edit delete
Kai Faydale
I played around with a slightly different way to connect the word bubbles in this page. It does not give as much of a pause in the flow of the dialogue so I don't think I will use it exclusively but it does let me have a stronger hand in the direction of the flow of the word bubbles ( like in panel 3 where it lets me break the standard top to bottom rule). It was interesting getting it above the shadows which are above the people yet still going behind Sparky's hair. I should get better at that with more practice although I suspect it will always require a few extra steps.
Kai Faydale Fri, 27th Apr 4:28 PM, 2012 edit delete
Kai Faydale
Sparky: Okay, so little gifts regularly with bigger ones on special occasions, as well as sometimes “just because”, and I should be “fine” as long as I don't think I'm ahead.
Sparky: You know I think the book made more sense, and it was mostly scribbles.
Charity: You're a guy. You're supposed to try to understand women, fail, and ask for forgiveness. It's how the world works.
Sparky: I suppose I should just be glad that Galling doesn’t count as a girl, but it would make things a lot easier if I could just give you my credit card and be done with it.
Charity: I wouldn’t want to bankrupt you.
Sparky: Oh, money is no problem.
Charity: Really?


tasha Fri, 27th Apr 6:14 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
I really like the last panel! The front view of charity and her "evil" face is quite enjoyable... keep it up!!!!
Wisknort Sat, 28th Apr 8:24 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
And now I'm obliged to point out her shirt.

The connected bubbles is pretty cool, but yes, I can see it being an issue if overused.
That said, if you mostly do what you did with Sparky in panel 3, just hook the bubbles right on each other, then anytime you don't do that you use the connectors, you might have a winning combination. *Might*.

I LOVE that last panel. The speech bubble is brilliant (matching the tone, very effective), and the candles complete the evil look of it.

Oh, and, "I suppose I should just be glad that Galling doesn’t count as a girl"
Kai Faydale Sat, 28th Apr 9:04 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Kai Faydale
Not sure what i forgot on the shirt. in panel 3 &4 it is perspective that cuts the text off and in panel 5 it is the angle (looking so far up you can see a bit of the black horizontal squiggle but not the text). speaking of scribbles i hope panel 2 deals with any questions you had about the books for page 142 (why Sparky was reading a whole chapter of scribbles is another mater of course).

And the Galling comment was just plain fun to write. Sparky's odd perspective give me a lot of opportunities like that which i enjoy immensely.

Kai Faydale Sat, 28th Apr 9:13 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Kai Faydale
I had a few small things i wanted to tweak too now that i let it sit for a bit. such as the ink layer for the emotions was above the shadows and a bit bolder then the other black covered by black shadows (go figure).

I still want to change the ends of the speech bubble in panel 5 some how but can't figure out a good way to cut a bit of negative space while still having the raising and lowering tone effect.
Wisknort Mon, 30th Apr 1:03 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
There's nothing wrong with the shirt. It's simply her obvious thoughts in the last panel vs. what it says...

As for panel 5's speech bubble.. Hmm... Have you played with making it vertically shorter at the ends? I'm not actually what you want to do with it...
BeetlesBane Mon, 30th Apr 8:16 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
I think that would reflect changing volume rather than tone.
Wisknort Mon, 30th Apr 1:05 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
Also the mistakes in Charity's panel 3 speech are also present in the transcript.
It's because of this that I'm figuring that you just copy it out of whatever file it sits in awaiting putting into the comic, or something like that. But that they were different before... (I don't care if I don't get an answer to this.)
Kai Faydale Mon, 30th Apr 11:50 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
Kai Faydale
ya there's an original script that i copy from for the comic and then after I'm done for the new transcripts here. I do have to reformat and remove any notes in the transcript though.
Wisknort Mon, 30th Apr 10:55 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Do you think it'd be possible to set up a script/process/something that extracts the transcript from the comic whilst you're putting it in? Hmm... I think what I'm suggesting is probably not too good.
Kai Faydale Tue, 01st May 12:28 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
Kai Faydale
It might be possible to do in or even after GIMP but it is not something I've taught my self yet so i don't know how. As it is it's kind of awquard to transfer the dialogue from open office to each individual text box in gimp (since i have to copy, paste, re-size, and add in what ever enters tabs and spaces are necessary to turn the text box into a circle). If you happen to stumble across a way to automate the transfer from gimp to a word doc and back please let me know.
BeetlesBane Tue, 01st May 8:31 AM, 2012 edit delete reply
Google pulled up several (read TOO MANY) tutorials and add-ons when I searched for
gimp import text
, might be worth a lok for you.