Comic 184 - 155 Me myself

Sun, 04th Dec 8:55 PM, 2016 in Deus Ex Machina
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155 Me myself
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Kai Faydale Sun, 04th Dec 8:55 PM, 2016 edit delete
Kai Faydale
So it’s been almost a hundred pages (since page 68) and 24 hours comic time, but that’s the utility of putting someone on a bus they just wait there until you need them. I’m sure my avatar didn’t mind.
Kai Faydale Wed, 14th Dec 1:58 PM, 2016 edit delete
Kai Faydale
I'm starting a new job this week, but I'll post a new page as soon as i get a bit of free time.
Luckily it is simpler to draw so it shouldn't take as long as usual.
PS between the job and grad school deadlines i probably wont be able to draw until after the 15, but should have a bearable work load form then on.


Wisknort Fri, 30th Dec 10:55 AM, 2016 edit delete reply
Well, I was right about the cover page shadow being the author. But I had long forgotten about the avatar so this whole thing still caught me blindsided.