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Page Chapter 6: According to Plan

Chapter 6: According to Plan
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27th Aug 2017, 1:34 AM
I had to clean things up from how my notebooks typically look, but those only need to be readable by me. Plus a lot of the short hand I use to condense ideas would make no sense to anyone with out a key (which I haven’t gotten around to writing down). So it wouldn’t be a fair teaser of things to come if I went for full authenticity. All the other chapter image ideas I had were either too spoiler-y or didn’t have any context yet to make them worth including. And I didn’t just want to include a drawing of a character this chapter will focus on since I’ve already don’t those when they were being introduced. So I was sat there staring at the list of not good enough ideas in my note book when this idea came to me. I think it does the job, but as always I would love feedback.
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