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guest art 3
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27th Aug 2017, 1:34 AM
here is the third piece of guest art by Barreytor. He is working on a comic called Roleplaying Party Tales. it isn’t about roleplaying or parties but you should still check it out.
I would like to thank everyone who sent in something for this week it gave me the time to get my life sorted and now I have a car and a place to live. I just need to learn to drive stick. The plot will start up again on Monday but since I have blocked out a lot of time to work on the comic this weekend I should be able to have Monday’s page posted Sunday night (late).


A rather striking likeness of Dr. M.

Poor Robin needs some love here...she is the only cast(with a body) to not have guest art yet. Wow, now I need to figure out how someone would be able to create guest art starring the narrator.

I'm trying to put some guest art together for our wonderful host Kai to use at a later date.(since he seems to have settled the RL interferences plaguing him already) I can draw it out freehand and scan it into my computer with only minor logistical problems. However I don't really have a clue how to color said drawing.
I have enough colored pencils(nice ones even) to color by hand , but that would require flawlessness or many redraws, I wouldn't be able to undo the coloring after all.
My computer only has Paint, which doesn't seem very nuanced when it comes to coloring.(it could be I'm unfamiliar with the program,but bleargh, I don't want to be familiar ^^)
The dilemma boils down to, taking a long time to get a coloring I find satisfactory with pencils(factoring redraws and RL time constraints this could be a long while.) Or use paint and sacrifice color quality to finish the piece(of course I would redraw my picture until it was satisfactory; the line art would be the best of my mediocre skills, even when the coloring isn't)
I would like suggestions on how I should approach coloring. If their is some free software that could work better that paint for my purpose, or if I need to just bite the bullet and decide what is the lesser of two evils.

Thanks in advance for your reasoned and valuable input.

2nd Sep 2011, 11:28 PM edit delete reply

I use gimp to color my comics and it is free and can do 90% of what photoshop can if you want to sue that eventualy (but is more user friendly for the simple stuff).
as for the guest art of the narrator i won't say much but there is something in the works down the line. so anyone who wants to give their idea of what he/ I would look like untainted do so quickly.

2nd Sep 2011, 11:40 PM edit delete reply

While not exactly what he would look like, if the narrator could be visible and hence have a body this is an option

I'm sure your version would be more hi-tech, what use is power if you can't dip into the comic resources to pad your assets a little. ; )
Personally I'd like to see him look like Jamie from Mythbusters, or at least have a beret(maybe red). If I can get my other ideas done before the narrator makes his corporeal debut, I'll maybe sketch up something for him, I dunno though. Would need to think of a fun idea first.

Edit: Iv'e downloaded GIMP, and it looks much more promising, now my only problem is that homework is keeping me from playing with my new toy : (

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like the eyes

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