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Page 52 where have you been

52 where have you been
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in Damsel and Distress

27th Aug 2017, 1:34 AM
It feels like it has been forever but at long last here is another page of plot. Now you are probably asking how I knew I would be posting this page of the script the first day back when I didn’t know how many pages I was going to be able to get done before I moved? The answer, I rewrote the script. I have a broad frame work stretching out chapters in advance with areas of greater detail mapped out. While some of these areas are spread out I like to have the next week or so hammered out. Because the script is built in blocks based on the jokes and witty banter many of them can be rearranged or have new ones added before all the wrinkles are ironed out. I was looking for a way to take advantage of the week of no plot progression, and when I found it, it was fairly simple to add an introduction to this new perspective on the old story arc.
I didn’t get quite as much on this page as I wanted. I was a bit off on my estimate of how much room the dialogue would take up on the page and had to rearrange a few things. Long story short it was either divide it into two pages or start from the drawing board and try and find a way to make more negative space with out redrawing any more of the figures then I had to. I decided to divide the page so I could keep the rather nifty drawings I spend all weekend on (most of which will be on the next page).


Glad to see you're mostly settled, and back to the story. Hope the new job works out well. I'm looking forward to the story continuing too. :)

5th Sep 2011, 5:13 PM edit delete reply

as am i. In fact I'm in a bit of a funk since i didn't get to share all of what i originally had planed for this page. it will be there wed though.

6th Sep 2011, 12:02 AM edit delete reply

Huzzah!! The first flashback is here. BDWH is now a fully fledged comic ^^

5th Sep 2011, 10:04 PM edit delete reply

the actual flash back won't start until Friday but ya it's a milestone.

6th Sep 2011, 12:04 AM edit delete reply

oh ya and by "first" flashback you mean second right? since the other one did (will?) happen before this flash back starts. even though it hasn't really happened yet.

7th Sep 2011, 1:02 AM edit delete reply

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